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Check our FAQs for common questions

When should I order water?​

Order your water before you run out when you still have a quarter/third of a tank. Generally, we can deliver within 48 hours (even same day delivery). During the peak season of summer, we advise customers to order water early so you don’t get caught short if there are wait times.

What if I have run out of water?

Call us immediately on 021 530 727 for an urgent delivery. We will endeavour to deliver within a couple of hours or at least same day.

How do I book a load of water?

Phone: 021 530 727

Messenger: PROWATER

How do I make payment?

You will be invoiced on completion of the job. Payments can be made online within 7 days or cash paid to the driver. All payment details are included on the invoice.

What happens if I don’t need the water I have booked?

Orders can be cancelled or changed up to 24 hours prior to delivery. If no notification has been made and the truck arrives but is unable to deliver, there will be a $60 non-delivery fee to cover some of the running costs associated with coming to your property.

Are you WINZ approved?

Yes we are. Contact us and we will supply you with a quote.

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What are the access requirements for the truck?

For most residential customers we park on the road and run hoses to your tank (we carry 100 metres of hose). The truck is an eight metre long, eight-wheeler and needs a width and height of 3.5 metres for driveway access. If you have a difficult site please advise on booking, eg.

  • Low hanging trees (If trees need trimming contact our mowing and tree/hedge trimming division PROLAWNS)

  • Steep driveway

  • Gravel driveway

  • Sharp turns on driveway

  • Truck must reverse in

How often should I clean my tank?

Generally speaking every 1-2 years. It will depend how dirty your tank is. You can look inside and see how much sediment is sitting on the bottom. Some need a yearly clean especially if under trees where leaf debris collects on the roof and is washed down spouting into the tank. If in doubt we can inspect and advise.

What are your Terms of Trade?

By using our services, you the customer, agree that if payment of your invoice is not received on or before the due date for payment we may

  1. Charge a late payment fee of $20 on the outstanding balance as at the due date and monthly thereafter on the outstanding balance remaining until paid in full.

  2. Take all necessary steps including debt collection to collect payment and pass on any costs associated with this to you, the customer.

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Orders and enquiries: 021 530 727

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